What is Choice Gas?

Choice Gas is a Wyoming program that allows you to choose a natural gas commodity supplier that best suits your situation and your budget. Choice Gas gives you a greater selection for your natural gas supply and allows you to “shop around” for a supplier that provides the price, service and budget options that you want.

At the beginning of the Choice Gas Selection Period, you will receive a ballot in the mail, which alerts you to the opportunity to choose your natural gas commodity supplier. Choice Gas ballots are typically distributed the last week of March/first week of April, prior to the start of the Choice Gas Selection Period.

With the Choice Gas program, you are selecting the source/supplier for your natural gas. The company that actually sends your monthly bill for your gas utility will not change, however, the portion of your bill that deals with the actual cost of the natural gas itself is the part you can control by participating in the Choice Gas program. When you choose Wyoming Community Gas as your supplier, you will see us listed on your bill as such.

Wyoming Community Gas offers the opportunity to group accounts for discounted pricing at no charge. To learn more about how you can combine family members, friends or others for a group discount, call 877-318-4051.

Wyoming Community Gas has been part of the Choice Gas program in Wyoming since it began in 1996. We offer a hometown choice for your natural gas, since we are a not-for-profit organization managed by a consortium of Wyoming communities. We also reinvest a portion of our revenues each year into our member communities to help improve the quality of life in the cities and towns we serve.

Want more information on Choice Gas Programs?

Use the links below to learn more about the program and determine if the program is offered in your community.

Still have questions? Call 877-318-4051 to speak to a friendly customer care representative.